About Us

Who We Are

The Grad ELL & ITA is in the Rutgers Writing Program and Rutgers English Language Institute in the Department of English. We are the academic unit providing that supports the academic language development and academic success of graduate students, post docs, visiting scholars, and faculty who are speakers of English as an additional language. 

Who We Support

All graduate students who are speakers of English as an additional language at Rutgers are encouraged to register for one of our regular courses, one-on-one academic consultations, and any of our seminars and workshops. Visiting scholars, postdoctoral researchers, and faculty are also encouraged to contact us to arrange academic consultations, program visits, or other short-term educational and professional programs.

All graduate students who are speakers of English as an additional language and are being considered by their department for a Teaching Assistantship or who hold an admissions condition that requires them to take an English language assessment are required to take our placement assessment prior to enrollment.

Our Mission

As a program, we bring a deep understanding of the academic, cultural, and professional identities of multilingual graduate students to everything we do. We believe that English language development goes hand in hand with a focus on graduate academic and professional success. We strive to work with university partners who share our vision to optimize the strengths of the global community of graduate students and scholars at Rutgers.

Our Learning Goals

Our program-wide learning goals include the following: 

  • To understand the culture, expectations, and conventions of the American university
  • To develop effective reading strategies to understand and make meaning from graduate-level academic texts
  • To be able to deploy graduate-level writing skills to effectively convey ideas for both disciplinary and multidisciplinary audiences
  • To be able to effectively and idiomatically engage in oral communication, discussion, presentation, impromptu speaking, and handling of questions
  • To develop the mindset of self-reflection and goal setting for academic and professional success
  • To be able to navigate diverse academic and professional settings and expectations, adapting English communication strategies (both oral and written) to the needs of the situation

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